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In 2004 after working for another retail company for 13 years I decide it was time for a change. I saw that Sanity was advertising for an Area Manager role in Victoria and I decided to apply. After 3 interviews with different people on the same day I finally was accepted and journey with Sanity began.

I started with Sanity in Victoria as an Area Manager when DVD’s was just starting to take off as a format (sounds weird) and then after 8 months was asked to relocate to Canberra for 1 year.  I loved working in Canberra and also the opportunity to move interstate with the company. After my time in Canberra I then moved to Sydney looking after 10 stores in Metro Sydney and stayed there for 2 years. In my 7 years at Sanity I have worked in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Newcastle and now find myself in Western Australia recently promoted to State Manager.

The best part about my job is working with Music and Movies, meeting awesome celebrities at conferences, working with a dynamic team and seeing parts of Australia that I thought I would have never seen.

Sanity Area Manager

I’ve worked for Sanity for nearly eight years in total.  I started as a Christmas part timer in 2003.  For a summer job, I thought Sanity would be an awesome place to work, and it was!

After moving to Sydney from the country, I was fortunate to get a transfer.  It was here, I decided that a career with Sanity is a path I wanted to pursue. After working for a little while, there was a great opportunity for me to get promoted to full time, and shortly afterwards, with the correct training, I was offered my own store to manage!  I have since managed three other stores and I have enjoyed them all.

All of this would not have been possible without the guidance, support and training Sanity has given me to be successful in my role.  To work for a business that devotes a lot of its energy into developing its people is something to be proud of.  My career progression in Sanity was made possible through the training and support they offer.  The skills I’ve learned include: the importance of customer focus, inventory and performance management, leadership, merchandising and the desire for constant improvement.

The main things I love about Sanity are its passion for customer focus, the fast paced atmosphere, the dynamic nature of the job, its product, and its FUN and POSTIVE culture. There are always exciting opportunities such as in store signings and conferences and all the way we are encouraged through the participatory involvement of our upper management.

If you are considering just a part time role, or want to pursue a long term career with us, I have no reservations in saying you won’t go wrong here! From working as a Christmas part timer, to a full timer then store manager has been amazing.  If you want a customer focussed, fast paced, fun, exciting and dynamic job, apply now!

Sanity Store Manager

Working with Sanity for the past 9 years has allowed me to gain so many more skills that I thought I would be able to learn in a retail environment. A “job” is never a “job” at Sanity as my experience here has taught me!

When I first started, I began as a part timer working on weekends and quickly learnt all things customer service!

Sanity has been incredibly flexible over the years as I went on to study at university, and as soon as I could, I became a team leader in a Sydney flagship store. I learnt critical retail management skills which was a challenge but helped me gain a position in the Customer Support Office. I became part of a team that looked after all customer orders in the entire company! Having such an impact on stores and customers allowed me to grasp on the very mission of what Sanity is all about – “It’s about the customer, always!

Today, I now work as the Sanity Online Manager. I get to work with so many different aspects of the business, including marketing, product buying and operations. Hard work is definitely rewarded and valued here at Sanity – I’ve gotten myself a Career from an after school part time job!

Sanity Online Manager